The Prediction

When the Carbon60 molecule was discovered in 1985, it did not take long for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to acknowledge the remarkable properties it contains.  By 1996 (11 years later), three scientists, Harry Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley were awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry for their discovery of Carbon60 or most commonly known as, C60. They named the molecule “buckminsterfullerene” after the inventor of the Geodesic Dome, Buckminster Fuller who in 1979 predicted that the Carbon60 molecule existed long before it had been discovered.  Buckminster Fuller was not able to realise his dream and died 2 years before the C60 molecule was discovered.  

Geodesic Dome

C60 Found in Nature

In 1991, Mr Robert Wong and Mr Chris Burres of SES Research in Houston Texas began to focus on the Carbon industry.  The Carbon60 molecule was only known to exist as a lab produced particle form. By 1992, Carbon60 was discovered in nature, and only found in Russia in a small town of Shunga, 250 miles North-East of St Petersburg.  The unusual rock is believed to have originated from a meteor shower which occurred 3.26 billion years ago.  After travelling through the atmosphere carrying the C60 molecule, the rock formed and laid hidden for 600 million years.

The predictions that a C60 molecule naturally existed was confirmed after it was discovered in space in 2015. The rocks contain both C60 and C70 molecules. 

SES Research with years of trials and research, have developed a calculated strategy on how to process this molecule to produce the highest purity formulation of C60 which is 99.99% UHP, and free of impurities.  When combined with a carrier oil, C60 is completely safe for human consumption.

Stone of Shunga

The Study

The science behind a C60 molecule was known to have substantial antioxidant effects in the human body.  It wasn’t until the conclusive study carried out in 2012 was published, that these antioxidant properties were confirmed. The Baati/Paris study is available on the link found at the bottom of this page.    

C60 is 172 times stronger than Vitamin C and substantially stronger than Vitamin E.  It provides us with the strongest antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties known to man from a natural product.  C60 includes radiation protective properties and is known to considerably extend lifespan.

In 2012, the very precise mixing process was conducted in the above-mentioned study to verify the maximum saturation required with a carrier oil to maximise optimal absorption of Carbon 60 in humans. SES Research provided 5 gram of 99.99% UHP (Ultra High Purity) C60 to be mixed in 1 litre of carrier oil to achieve this optimal absorption.

This is an important aspect for the efficacy of this product because the refined process, is the very foundation of KARABUN C60 in olive oil. Claims are made by several competitors where they are using a lower grade C60 saturation, containing impurities and have adverse side effects in our bodies, which are not backed with any conclusive scientific data. At KARABUN, we guarantee that our products will only ever contain 99.99% UHP C60. 

The Quality

KARABUN has partnered with SES Research Incorporated in Houston to ensure that our products meet the highest standards for optimal absorption of C60.  Ongoing research on ways to maintain purity and the highest level of saturation in the carrier oil of 99.99%, is our promise and guarantee. To date there have been no competitor companies to rival SES Research’s constant efforts and experience in producing the “Gold Standard” Carbon60 products (known as ESS60) with up to 0.911 grams of C60 per 1 litre of Olive oil.

  • Produced under strict controls – complete darkness to protect the photosensitive product
  • Mixed continuously for 3 weeks
  • Filtered through 0.22 micron filter removing all impurities
  • Bottled in Miron glass (biphotonic glass packaging) to maintain stability
  • Constant 18 degrees Celsius maintained for optimal carrier oil stability

KARABUN ensures that the product delivered to customers remains the “Gold Standard” of C60 products for optimal absorption in our bodies

The highly qualified KARABUN team is here to assist you with further information regarding our products manufacturing process.

We are proud to provide a competitively priced premium product. KARABUN’s focus is your health so that you can achieve a fuller and healthier life.