Who We Are

Following the development of C60 and all the documented possibilities this molecule contains, it was clear to the KARABUN team that this product should be made available to everybody in its best formulation.  Health should never be compromised.  After an introduction to this molecule, the team set up a company in Dubai to make a C60 product more readily available in the MENA region. 

The KARABUN team agreed to work towards providing the ultimate product which is able to assist everyone in achieving the healthiest ‘you’, and where better than in a country that boasts 100+ nationalities living side by side.

With years of experience in professional sports, worldwide travel, working in various industries across the globe, the KARABUN team share extensive knowledge which we would like to pass on to everyone looking at achieving a healthier body, mind, and life.

With close collaboration, SES Research who manufactures the ”Gold Standard” in Carbon development, we ensure that current developments, studies, possibilities and successes of Carbon60 are brought to you in its purest form.

The uncertainties of disease, bacteria, and viruses; KARABUN assists in optimising the protection needed to remain as healthy and strong as possible.

Get in touch with our KARABUN team and share your story with us.  Let us help you because it is “never too late to start” on the road to a healthier you.

This is How we do it

The Goal

To deliver our superior product, Carbon 60 is suspended in olive oil to guarantee that highest grade C60, as used in the original Baati/Paris study, is brought to you.  The best oils are required for their properties to achieve the best saturation of C60 in the product.  After considerable testing, the finest grade IIiada Olive oil was chosen and is used in KARABUN C60.  This is how we can deliver the best quality and desired saturation for a C60 product.  We not only guarantee the “Gold Standard” in C60 with 99.99% Ultra High Purity, but the “Gold Standard” in award winning Greek Iliada extra virgin oil.  (https://www.agrovim.gr/)



The Process

Strict protocols following the Baati/Paris study, with an oversaturation of  olive oil used to meet the full saturation in the end product, is required.  This process is important as dissolving Carbon60 which is a timeous process.  The two ingredients are mixed for several weeks, maintaining strict and constant quality control checks.  Special attention is given so that the product is not exposed to any UV light, extra oxygen, or temperature fluctuations.

Once optimal saturation is achieved, the product is centrifuged for 1 hour at 5000 rpms to remove any undissolved Carbon60 as this cannot be absorbed by the body.  This process is constantly monitored again paying attention to temperature controls.

Filtration through a 0.22 micron filter and bottled in the high quality Miron UV protective glass bottles is completed after which the products are stored at optimal temperatures to extend the shelf-life.

Our top priority is to deliver the most optimum and superior product available on the market.  Assurance that this product should never be “PURPLE” when marketed in an olive oil, but purple if it infused in a clear MCT oil.

Your product in olive oil should always be a DARK BROWN colour!


“As a former top athlete (World and European Champion in Aerobic Gymnastics), high intensity training is the major part of my life. I have often struggled with optimal rest and my immune system has always been compromised. I have tried several supplements, some good and some really bad, but after taking the KARABUN C60, I do not require any other supplement. This is the only supplement needed. I feel that I recover faster from the intense training, and my immune system is definitely stronger. I have not had one day feeling ill and my sleep patterns have improved tremendously. When my mother was hospitalised and in a coma due to a severe Bacterial infection, I decided to give her KARABUN C60. Slowly she regained her strength and eliminated the harmful bacteria from her body. She is much stronger and for the time she is not struggling with seasonal change illnesses. I cannot thank KARABUN enough for a quality supplement that has completely transformed our life.”
Ludmila Kovatcheva
39 years old from Sofia, Bulgaria
"Being an elderly woman and in the high-risk category for contracting COVID-19, I was introduced to the KARABUN C60 as a supplement to keep my body strong. At first, I was a little skeptical, and after reading the studies and the positive effect that the C60 molecule has on health, I realised that this product would be beneficial to myself. My husband has suffered through 3 bouts of cancer, so we made sure that researching the products efficacy and safety was essential before we started taking KARABUN C60. We found many products making false claims and profiteering off inferior products. But with KARABUN C60, we not only found a very competitively priced product, but a product which uses only the best saturated oil with the highest quality Carbon 60 at 99.99% UHP. After starting the regular use of KARABUN C60, it was one of the best decisions that we have taken in a long time. We both sleep better, our energy level is up and as C60 is 172 times stronger than Vitamin C, our immune system is stronger which is very important at our age. We feel well protected during this world pandemic, and this was what we set out to do and remain as protected as possible Thank you to everyone at KARABUN for making sure we have been able to protect ourselves from COVID-19 alongside increased health and strength.”
Marianne Lück
74 years old from Copenhagen, Denmark
“I was introduced to the KARABUN C60 through a friend when I was suffering from gout in my foot. I was at this stage, not even able to get my feet in to shoes. Every day I was taking various medicines, including those for arthritis which I have in my fingers. I enjoy playing golf and I was sad to realise that I was not able to get on the golf course to enjoy a game friend and family. After reading about KARABUN C60, I decided to start taking this product. After 3 months I no longer have the gout discomfort, and no need to take all the medicines which I needed. I have almost fully recovered from the arthritis and have almost 100% pain free use of my fingers. I recently visited my GP and we were astonished to see that my insulin and cholesterol levels are the lowest they have been in 6 years. The KARABUN C60 product has definitely helped me to return to a more functional life and collect more wonderful memories with my family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful help from the entire KARABUN team and for always making sure that I have enough product at all times”
Jim Bishop
69 years old from Essex, United Kingdom
“Running various businesses, I often work long hours. Struggling with sleep and energy for at least a decade, I started taking the KARABUN C60. For me, it had immediate effect. Normally getting 2-3 hours interrupted sleep increased to 6-7 hours solid sleep. My body was able to recover, and my energy level rose day by day. Now 2 months taking KARABUN C60 and I can safely say, this amazing supplement, is something I will never let go. Thank you KARABUN for this life changing product”
Blake Stemm
35 years old from Brisbane, Australia