What to look for
before purchase

With several Carbon60 products in olive oil on the market, it is important to know what to look for and those that should be avoided.  The following information should simplify this process in choosing the correct C60 product.

Any product produced in under 14 days is an inferior product with extremely high toxicity:

  • It is a timeous process – the only way for optimal saturation to occur

No ultrasonic cleaning baths should be used:

  • This process increases the number of free radicals which leads to adverse health effects.

The perfect C60 olive oil:

  • Is DARK BROWN – achieved through optimal saturation and high production standards in place.

The inferior C60 oil is:

  • Dark purple if in olive oil
  • Purple is only achievable in MCT oil

Special attention should be given to the saturation of the product for optimal absorption of C60 and should never be less than 0.8 grams/1L. 

At KARABUN we uphold consistent testing, on site to ensure that we can verify the products quality and the manufacturing process.

The Carbon60 industry has products which have undergone third party testing, due the inability of companies to assay their own product, and the results have shown that the products do not meet the required standards. 

Insist on a product which undergoes constant testing during manufacturing and not third-party testing which has shown several discrepancies with skewed results.

Saturation and Purity

Different oils have also different saturation levels. Only Olive Oil has proven to have the highest saturation of Carbon60. Not everyone likes the taste of Olive oil hence we also offer other options like MCT oil which is highly recommended when on KETO diet. MCT oil doesn’t have the same ability to absorb as much Carbon60 as the Olive Oil hence the saturation is less. Anyone who promises the same saturation as Olive Oil, clearly haven’t tested their oil or product. MCT oil holds around 0.35gr/1L and Avocado Oil holds around 0.6gr/1L, just to give you a few guidelines.

Why chose Oil with 99.99% Ultra High Purity? We ask, why would you choose anything else? The big reason why we chose to use only 99.99% UHP C60 in our oil is simple. We have one goal and that is to stay healthy and strong. Choosing a lesser grade C60 might save you a few bucks but it certainly doesn’t do your body any good. 99.99% UHP C60 has been treated to be completely solvent free. A lesser form of C60, like 99.95%, 99.80% etc doesn’t have that ability hence the lower price and it will certainly contain other dangerous contaminants which doesn’t go in line with what we are trying to achieve.

Should you choose to purchase your C60 from us at KARABUN, we promise a superior product, total transparency and the most competitive price on the market with the full support from our team.