Welcome to Karabun

“Many streams lead to the same waterfall. It doesn’t matter how we get there, as long as we get there.”

What lead you here and to search Karabun and our products?

The answer is simple!

  • You want to live a healthier life
  • Keep your body as strong as possible
  • Boost your immune system and avoid illnesses
  • Lower the levels of free radicals in your body
  • Protect yourself form radiation

KARABUN C60 is the product that will aid you in achieving your desired goal.

Is there any 100% guarantee you might ask?

No product can offer 100% guarantee. 

Do not be misled by false claims. 

KARABAN C60 in various carrier oils will give you the chance of maintaining a healthy, strong body.  It will assist in lowering the levels of free radicals, and boost your immune system – bringing a sense of balance where oxidative stress has caused the imbalance.

The Carbon60 in olive oil, as documented in the original Baati/Paris study in 2012, confirms that Carbon60 not only reduces chronic toxicity, but doubles the lifespan of those who took the product.  Scientists are fascinated by the results Carbon60 has shown and have hailed this product with having many positive health benefits.

We at KARABUN hope that you will find the health benefits that you are searching for.  Please reach out to our qualified team who are waiting to answer any questions that you might have and guide you on your journey to optimal health.  We are here to “lead you to the waterfall”!


Yours sincerely,

Ildiko Pasztor

Owner & Founder

Karabun Supplements Trading L. L. C