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The Benefits of C60

The Baati/ Paris study titled “The prolongation of lifespan…with repeated oral [C60] Fullerene” was published in 2012 and confirmed that the lifespan of test subjects was almost doubled (90%) after receiving C60 in Olive Oil for 7 months. This study confirmed that longevity and health was achieved by decreasing age-associated oxidative stress in the body. SES Research in Houston Texas is currently conducting a similar study, starting earlier in life and same dosage – and current predictions indicate trebling life expectancy and substantial health benefits.
The authors of a study published in the National Library of Medicine in 2013 studied the effect of C60 on various viruses and bacteria. They discovered that the C60 molecule already in a human’s body, has protective mechanisms to support the bodies immune system because it stops replication of the bacteria and viruses by binding to the cellular walls of these organisms where C60 protects our immunity and reduces the negative effects caused by these organisms.
‘Free radicals’ are simply waste products in our bodies. They are referred to as ‘unstable molecules’ which damage cells within our bodies and are one of the precursors for Cancers. ‘Free radicals’ are a by-product from the oxygen which our bodies use, and the damage they cause is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress and free radicals are unavoidable, and therefore it is important to eliminate these harmful stressors before they cause cellular damage. KARABUN C60’s mechanism of action is to work as an antioxidant and helps in removing these harmful free radicals and stop oxidative stress.
In 2007, the Journal of Immunology, cited findings from a study that indicated C60’s ability to prevent the in vivo release of histamine. It also led to a substantial drop in core body temperature. These findings indicate how C60 presents as a novel way in protecting and supporting diseases such as asthma, inflammatory arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and auto-immune diseases. In 2012, the outcome from the studies confirmed C60’s anti-inflammatory properties such as those found in arthritis.
In 2009, ResearchGate published a study on how C60 nanoparticles provided protective properties in short-term UV and Fluoranthene photo-induced toxicity. The authors found that C60 provided protective properties when subjects were exposed to UV rays; not exceeding 21 days. Scientists also noted that the recovery from sunburn is accelerated when C60 is circulating our systems.
Several studies are available to test and evaluate the ever-important question; “Does C60 have any significant effect on Cancer?” In 2019, scientists used C60 as a transporter for Doxitrin (a well-known cancer drug) and found that as a free-radical scavenger C60’s properties were able to target cancer cells and effectively be used to transport the active drug. C60 has too shown sufficient evidence as having protective properties when taken prophylactically in non-cancer patients, and evidence supports the theory that C60 is able to assist with eliminating and destroying oxidative cells.


“What if there was an Amazing way to live a fuller life, for you and everyone, here on planet Earth”

These simple but strong words can be answered by watching the 2:55 min video to learn all about C60. From the discovery of this miracle molecule, to its well-known nickname, and more importantly, the substantial health benefits that C60 offers to live a stronger and healthier life.

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About the product

The Carbon60 molecule has been known to scientists for over 35 years.  But it was only after a study conducted and published in Paris in 2012, where C60 was acknowledged for having remarkable medical and health properties.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Protective properties from radiation
  • Prolongation of life
  • 172x stronger than Vitamin C

This C60 molecule has therefore brought a nano molecule that is able to change the face of human health with its substantial preventative and protective factors against disease. 

With years of research and testing the C60 molecule, the ESS60 product is the purest form of UHP 99.99% C60 formulation made for safe human consumption.  With this Ultra-High Purity C60 mixed in Fine Grade Extra virgin olive oil, as the carrier, provides us with the purest formulation to ensure optimal absorption for peak health and immunity. 

Anything below 99.99% UHP C60 is not biologically tested for efficacy, safety, and adverse effects.

At KARABUN we understand that providing only the most superior product should be offered to everyone who wishes to have that guarantee that the product is produced under the strictest protocols. This ensures the optimal benefits that the C60 molecule can give you.

What people say

“Running various businesses, I work exceptionally long hours. Struggling with sleep and energy over the last decade led me to start taking the KARABUN C60. For me, it had immediate effect. Normally only getting 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep, it has increased to 6-7 hours of solid sleep. My body has recovered. My energy levels have continued to rise every day. After 2 months of KARABUN C60, I can safely say that this amazing supplement is something that I will never stop taking. Thank you KARABUN for this life-changing product”
Blake Stemm
35, Brisbane, Australia
“6 months ago, I underwent extensive shoulder surgery. I was told that my recovery would be 8-12 weeks before I could start playing golf again. After hearing about the KARABUN C60 product, I decided to give it a go and find out whether I could reduce the recovery period from surgery. In the beginning I did not feel any difference, but after a few weeks, the inflammation and pain was gone. Each day I gained more mobility and 6 weeks after surgery, I was playing golf again. I continue to take the product and have not had a single day of pain or discomfort. I shall continue to take this product every day, for the rest of my life.”
Jane A.
59, Essex, United Kingdom
“Leading a busy life as a Sales Manager, I experience long working days/weeks. At night I struggled to settle and get quality sleep. I decided to try KARABUN C60 and immediately noticed my sleep patterns improving. My energy levels returned soon after. Getting rid of “Free Radicals” has had an amazing and positive impact on my body. Knowing that my body is also protected against oxidative stress, I can be content in knowing that I am protecting my immunity against viruses and bacteria. KARABUN, I am delighted at this superior product which has changed my life forever”
Andrea Olajos
44, Budapest, Hungary

Why Karabun C60


As the worlds smallest and strongest molecule, it drives out Free Radicals to keep your cells healthier for longer


As we grow older our bodies are more prone to illnesses. You deserve the best chance to avoid those illnesses we fear the most and stay as healthy as you possibly can, for as long as you can.


172 times stronger than Vitamin C. KARABUN C60 will boost your immune system and help you combat unwanted bacteria and viruses.


C60 is the strongest Antioxidant known to man.
The recommended dosage is 5ml/75kg body weight. At KARABUN we recommend doubling this dose in the first 3 months and then adjust it as required.
Yes! It is a personal decision to adjust the dosage as you respond to the product while taking it on a regular basis. Consult your KARABUN team to help you with titrating your dosage. Surplus C60 is eliminated as it has a saturation point at which is no longer absorbed in the body. Our team are here to assist you with your questions, and to guide you so that you can obtain the best results from KARABUN C60.
As the oil is temperature sensitive and C60 is photosensitive, we recommend that you store the bottle in a cool, dry place. Do not store it below 13 degrees Celsius or above 24 degrees Celsius.