C60 is the strongest Antioxidant known to man.
The recommended dosage is 5ml/75kg body weight. At KARABUN we recommend doubling this dose in the first 3 months and then adjust it as required.
Yes! It is a personal decision to adjust the dosage as you respond to the product while taking it on a regular basis. Consult your KARABUN team to help you with titrating your dosage. Surplus C60 is eliminated as it has a saturation point at which is no longer absorbed in the body. Our team are here to assist you with your questions, and to guide you so that you can obtain the best results from KARABUN C60.
As the oil is temperature sensitive and C60 is photosensitive, we recommend that you store the bottle in a cool, dry place. Do not store it below 13 degrees Celsius or above 24 degrees Celsius.
Some people do not mind the taste of olive oil, but quality extra virgin olive oil is easily palatable but reported to leave slightly peppery aftertaste. An exceedingly small number of people do not like the taste, but should this be the case, eating or drinking something directly after the C60 will eliminate the aftertaste. There is also the possibility to use the C60 over a salad, in a smoothie (C60 in MCT oil), or in your morning coffee (C60 in MCT oil). For those who cannot tolerate the product in the olive oil form, a capsule product is available on request.

When C60 is saturated correctly in olive oil, the colour is a dark brown.  If C60 is saturated in a clear MCT oil, the colour is a dark purple.


As C60 in olive oil is deemed a preventative supplement, there are numerous proven and immediate benefits which include better sleep, increased energy, and concentration.  Ongoing studies are revealing new information regularly and the KARABUN team will continue to provide updated research and data. 

Studies have shown that for those who have committed to regular C60 supplementation, that the long-term benefits include:

  • a reduction in developing seasonal illnesses,
  • healthier joint mobility and anti-inflammatory properties,
  • weight loss,
  • eliminates free radicals
  • assists with protecting cells and promotes longevity.

C60 is a beneficial supplement which works concurrently with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The KARABUN team and customers have observed that when taking the product in the morning, on an empty stomach, it has produced the desired effect for optimal results.  KARABUN C60 in olive oil can however be taken any time of the day, with or without food. 

There are no known, or documented side effects of C60 combined with olive oil. Every individual responds differently to the olive oil, so adjusting dosages may be necessary in the beginning. 

At KARABUN we do not recommend taking this supplement in oil while you are pregnant, nursing or planning a pregnancy. 

It is safe to give any pet/animal C60.  Animals have shown remarkable results with this supplement in gaining “renewed energy”.  Horses have experienced greater endurance and recovery while on KARABUN C60.

The pure Carbon Fullerenes that come out of our reactor after chemical extraction of the raw material will contain: • Carbon 60 (C60) • Carbon 70 (C70) • Carbon 76 (C76) • Carbon 78 (C78) • Carbon 84 (C84), etc. These are the pure Fullerene molecule spheres, and each will have its own properties and different concentration in the Raw Fullerene Soot. After further processing and refinement, the individual fraction of C60 and C70 is isolated into a powder of different purity levels. So, when expressing the purity of the Carbon 60 99.5 percent, it will contain a minimum of 99.5% C60 and less than 0.499% C70, C76, C78, C84 and higher. Then C60 99.99% will contain less than 0.01% of C70, C76/C78, C84. Example: 100 grams of C60- 99.5% with contain a minimum of 99.5 grams of C60 and less than 0.5 grams of C70, C78, C76, C84 and higher.

We at KARABUN will always use the purest form of C60 from SES Research.  The most important process is getting rid of the impurities in our bodies, not adding to them with an inferior product which contains a lower percentage of carbon.

Invest in your health!

The main objective of achieving optimal health is to eliminate impurities in our bodies.  Choosing a C60 product with less than 99.99% will add unwanted impurities and decrease the results you should be achieving.  Our bodies are under constant oxidative stress, do not add to this with unwanted impurities from an inferior product. 

Health is and will always be our main goal at KARABUN.  There are many competitor products on the market who produce inferior C60 products.  These products will not give you the desired effect.  At KARABUN, in cooperation with SES Research, we guarantee that you will always have a superior and affordable product.  Health should be an investment which is achievable and accessible with the highest quality product available,  at the best possible price.